Going. Going. Gone.

It has been six weeks since I’ve posted. Why? First of all, my youngest son, Parker, had surgery and was in the hospital for three weeks. Second of all, my family is moving! (Which means that Suzanne Upton Photography is moving!) After a lovely three years in Ontario, we are re-patriating to the USA! In just a few short weeks we will call Grand Blanc, Michigan home. It is bittersweet to leave Canada as we’ve experienced a lot here. But, I am very excited about forging a business in Grand Blanc and having the opportunity to photograph the darling children of Lafayette, Indiana and wherever else the wind takes me.

To learn more about where I will be with my camera, and when, please sign up for my new online newsletter. This link is on the right. I will send out newsletters to update as needed about special events, promotions and travels to locations outside of Grand Blanc. You’ll have to check here for the day to day details . . . so bookmark this blog and come back often.


One response to “Going. Going. Gone.

  1. Suzanne,
    I’m thrilled to hear that you are going to be starting a business that you have such passion and talent.
    I only wish that we were closer; as I’d love for you to take portraits of my kiddos.
    Best wishes!

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