Monthly Archives: July 2008

A weekend in Bel Air . . .

 . . . and what a weekend it was! I spent the weekend in my old stomping grounds just outside Baltimore. I spent most of the weekend taking portraits of some of the cutest kids around at the Liriodendron Mansion. The mansion was originally built by Dr. Howard Kelly, the founder of Johns Hopkins hospital. Today, it serves as host to weddings and gatherings of all sorts. It was a perfect place for portraits.

Here is a sampling of some of this weekend’s work . . .


A fine young man!

This fellow is eleven years old. He just got home from summer camp and he was my first Celebrating Adoption session. He and his mom joined me today for a trek in a local park. We picked flowers, looked for frogs, jumped off logs, and took a few pictures along the way.

This and that . . .

A bee. And my oldest son. I was allowed about 5 minutes to take his picture today.