Monthly Archives: August 2008

Almost two!

This little lady will be turning two very soon . . . and she loves puppies.  There were lots of puppies in the park and those big, brown eyes spotted every single one of them!


A goose, a chickie, and three cute kids!

There is not actually a goose here, but there was a goose present during our photo shoot. And a little chickie. 


A secret sister’s moment . . .

I love this first shot because you can see the connection between these two sisters.

Hot summer days!

This brother and sister had to endure one of the hottest days of the summer to get their portraits taken. Despite the heat, the itchies and the bugs . . . we managed some really cute shots. There really is nothing like “ring around the rosey” on a hot summer day


Three handsome brothers!

The parents of these three charming and good looking young men could not agree on whose side of the family the good looks came from!

Shooting my boys . . .

Ask any photographer and they will tell you that their kids run away as soon as they see a camera come out. We affectionately call it PKS (Photographer’s Kids Syndrome). My kids are no exception. I’m lucky to get five minutes of relative cooperation from them. And they never cooperate at the same time. Today, I did my best spoiled Hollywood photographer impersonation and stormed off the set declaring “I can’t work in these conditions!” Thank goodness I never feel this way when I shoot other people’s kids. And, thank goodness my own kids are really cute . . . if I do say so myself.

Meet my boys!

Suzanne’s Next Fresh Face

Want your cute child to be the next model on my website? Interested in winning a complimentary photo shoot and an 11×14 mounted print? If you said yes, then it is time to enter Suzanne Upton Photography’s Fresh Face 2008 Contest . . .

It’s easy. Send one web-sized, non-professional snapshot of your child to Entries must be submittd by midnight on August 30th to be considered. The contest will be judged by a panel of professional photographers and the winner will be announced on my blog (and notified by e-mail) on September 6th.

The Fine Print

Entrants must be between the ages of 6 months and 13 years.

Multiple children per family may enter separately. The photo shoot is only for the winning entrant.

Submitted photos must be non-professional snapshots.

The winner’s photo shoot will take place by the end of October 2008 at a location to be determined by Suzanne.

There is no purchase necessary to enter and the winner is under no obligation to purchase any prints from their photo shoot.

Good luck!