Shooting my boys . . .

Ask any photographer and they will tell you that their kids run away as soon as they see a camera come out. We affectionately call it PKS (Photographer’s Kids Syndrome). My kids are no exception. I’m lucky to get five minutes of relative cooperation from them. And they never cooperate at the same time. Today, I did my best spoiled Hollywood photographer impersonation and stormed off the set declaring “I can’t work in these conditions!” Thank goodness I never feel this way when I shoot other people’s kids. And, thank goodness my own kids are really cute . . . if I do say so myself.

Meet my boys!


2 responses to “Shooting my boys . . .

  1. O my gosh they are growing up too fast:(!!!!

  2. Such Cute little boys. A house full of little boys is never quiet… I know first hand!

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