Monthly Archives: November 2008

Urban Boys!

First, I have to note that in the middle of this session my own son hurt himself and required an ER run for stitches. That meant I had to frantically call my neighbor to take my other two children so I could finish the session. It takes a village to have a photo shoot around here! Thank goodness these handsome fellows have two cool parents who just rolled with the punches as I was about to come unstitched at the seams!

So here they are: two cute boys who have two hip parents. Mom and dad love black and white but I couldn’t help doing a little urban color work on these two, just for fun.





Wow. We worked hard on this one. As soon as mom got one set and and dad started blowing bubbles then the other one was off! We pulled out all the tricks in the book . . . but I had a lot of fun doing it. I hope they did too. Meet these handsome lads . . .



Fun is the name of the game!

I love it when families are up for anything! I hope they had as much fun as I did!



Fall Family Fun!

What a treat this warm weather has been. It means I was able to sneak in what will probably be my last outdoor session for the year. (Of course, lovely fresh snowfall makes for gorgeous portraits too!)

Thanks to this family . . . this last fall session of the year was a blast!



Santa’s Little Helpers!

The Christmas music is playing in the stores and mommies everywhere are buying holiday PJs for their kids. It is that time of year again! I’m delighted to capture a little bit of the holiday magic on film!