What To Wear Wednesdays!

I always get asked “what should we wear?” I always try to wisely answer this question . . . there are definitely things that photograph better than others. Sometimes you want a timeless image. Sometimes you want a trendy, funky image. Whatever you are after I try to  offer good advice . . . and then hope  that you don’t laugh out loud when you see me and wonder why you took  fashion  advice from  me. I, myself, am no fashionista and my kids would never, ever win an award for best dressed. That said, I  do have some super trendy and put together friends and photographers do like to share great finds. With all of this in mind, I’m going to start a new “thing” on my blog . . . What To Wear Wednesdays. My goal is to share ideas and links, things to get you thinking about how to make your next  photo shoot the one you remember forever.

To kick things off I want to tell you all about Etsy. If you don’t know Etsy,  check it out: www.etsy.com. Etsy is like e-bay for the crafty and artsy. There are tons of cool things to look at (one could get  addicted). Search on Etsy for girl’s dresses or knit hats and you will find all kinds of fun things  for your little diva.  The Scarlet Stitch is one great example  of the great stuff you can find on Etsy. Check out those Petal Bottom Bloomers and the Claire Slip Dress! Fabulous.

Each week, I will try to share a new link to a store, catalog, designer, or whatever strikes my fancy. I hope these  links will inspire you and I hope you will come back often to check out the latest links. And I  hope you will share your favorites with me. In fact, if you share a cool clothing site that  I feature on What To Wear Wednesdays I will gift you one complimentary 8×10 print at your next portrait session.


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