What To Wear Wednesday! (A few hours late.)

I’m off to a roaring start . . . my second What To Wear Wednesday is being published at 12:37 a.m. on Thursday! Ok. I’m in Las Vegas for a wedding, so I do have an excuse.

So! What to wear! Usually, I tell my clients that the rule is K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple and Solid. That is a great rule, but sometimes that just isn’t what you want. Sometimes you want to be bold and funky and fresh. Fun hats, stripes, cool shoes, faded jeans, lots of layers . . . you know the look. Casual. Yet clearly thought out.

One of my favorite places for “stuff” that falls into this category is H&M. I’ll admit that H&M isn’t a place to buy those treasured clothing pieces that you will hand down from kid to kid. But it is a great place to buy fun, fresh, up to the minute styles for you and for your kids. I love buying my boys clothes from H&M. I love them. They love them. It is a win win. And their grown up clothes aren’t bad either. Especially if you just want something fun and trendy and in the moment.

I first discovered H&M when I was an exchange student in Denmark my junior year in high school. I loved their clothes and you can imagine how excited I was years later when a store opened in Baltimore where I was living at the time. Not only was it fun to bring back memories of my year abroad but I’d just had my first son and here were some cool things to put him in without breaking the bank.

Check it out online: www.hm.com or if you head down to Great Lakes Crossing you can see a store in person. Happy Shopping!


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