Monthly Archives: February 2010

Goodrich Class of 2011!

It’s cold. It’s snowy. But is is also time to start shooting my Senior Portrait Models for the Class of 2011! My first models were in the studio today and I’m really excited to share these first images! This young lady is a student at Goodrich High School and she’s part of my great team of models for this year. It’s not too late to join the studio as a model. For more information, contact me directly on 810.814.9625 or via email at


Getting back into the swing of things . . .

At the end of last year I was looking forward to several weeks of downtime. I wanted to update my website (check!), focus on developing my senior portrait model program (check!), and get my house clean (sorry, no check). Well, after six weeks of very little shooting, I’m ready to get back into the swing of things and this was a great session to get me started.

This family came to see me last year and I’m amazed at how grown up they are! Last year this little boy was just that, a little boy. Now I can see glimpses of the young man he will grow into! Brings a smile to my face. And his sister, well, she is just the cutest thing. And they are as polite and well behaved as they are cute. I think my boys need to sit next to them on the bus and learn a thing or two.