Monthly Archives: May 2010

Grand Blanc High School Senior Portraits

Another lovely Class of 2011 Studio Model!


Portraits of Hope NICU Session: 27 weeker

This little fellow was born 13 weeks too early. He’s doing really well now at one month old! It was my pleasure to spend a short time today with he and his parents and his nurse. One day in his amazing journey!

This session was part of my work with a very special organization called Pictures of Hope!

Waiting for baby!

Yesterday I had the delightful pleasure of shooting a belly session for a most beautfiful mother to be. She’s expecting her third baby and she is just about the most gorgeous uber-pregnant lady I’ve ever seen. I think a maternity session is something each mother should experience at least one time – there is something wondrous about seeing yourself and your baby in an art portrait.

Thank you for letting me document this exciting time in your life! I look forward to hearing the news that your girls are big sisters!

Brand spankin’ new!

I have to admit that my husband doesn’t love when I have newborn sessions. I simply fall in love with every newborn I meet and I always think it would be a really good idea to have another one of our own. Thankfully, five minutes with my rugrats reminds me that three is just fine for now. Every baby I meet is perfect in every way, I’ve never met one I didn’t like. And this little fellow was absolutely no exception. And his big sister . . . she was in love.