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Goodrich High School Senior Portraits: Class of 2011


Grand Blanc High School Senior Portraits

Another lovely Class of 2011 Studio Model!

LaPeer West Senior Portrait Model!

Another amazing studio model for the Class of 2011!

Goodrich High School Senior Portraits

Meet another one of my gorgeous senior portrait models! If you go to Goodrich High School you might want to chat with her about a great deal on your Class of 2011 Senior Portraits. It is the time of year to start thinking about it!

Grand Blanc High School Senior Portraits

I am really excited about senior portrait season this year! It helps to have such a wonderful and beautiful group of models. This lovely young lady is not only a great model but an accomplished dancer. When it warms up a bit we are planning a fun urban ballet excursion to take some funky and offbeat dance portraits. Stay tuned!

LaPeer West High School Senior Portraits

Meet one of my beautiful senior portrait models from LaPeer West High School . . .

Goodrich Class of 2011!

It’s cold. It’s snowy. But is is also time to start shooting my Senior Portrait Models for the Class of 2011! My first models were in the studio today and I’m really excited to share these first images! This young lady is a student at Goodrich High School and she’s part of my great team of models for this year. It’s not too late to join the studio as a model. For more information, contact me directly on 810.814.9625 or via email at suzanne@suzanneuptonphotography.com